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Vadoo Chill Fest is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature on jazz, funk, alternative and electro rhythms. The joy of this place must be shared, that's why we have planned a celebration. It's called the Vadoo Chill Fest and it takes place annually, at the end of summer, at the foot of the Penteleu Massif. It's all about good vibes!
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To create a brand with substance, we needed to understand the core values of the festival, what made it different and interesting, and how we wanted people to instinctively feel when interacting with the fest. It was therefore essential to ensure that the stories, values and experience principles we developed throughout the branding process were effectively articulated across all Vadoo Chill Fest marketing communications, from social media, emails, online video advertising, radio and other promotion techniques.
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For logo graphic design, website, brand identity and any photography media service, production, post production, do not hesitate to contact us.

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