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photography &
Videos and Photos
tailored to your requirements!
We provide you with a multitude of specialized services such as audio-video production, voice over, radio/TV commercial broadcasting, film trailers and post production, videos, online marketing or animation and film dubbing.
Product videos are proven to help increase conversion and reduce returns. Whether you want to integrate video into your product page or create an image campaign for your brand's marketing channels, video will help you sell more products.
Over the years, we have collected a large number of artists and brands in our portfolio. Below are just some of them. Video production, video post production, editing, video graphics, VFX, lyric video and many other services offered to our clients. 
We can list only a few of them: Connect-R, Adi Cristescu, Irina Rimes, Pepe, DJ Sava, Raluka, Ami, Proconsul, Ela Rose, Cortes, Jimmy Dub, Ana Baniciu, Lucian Barbulescu, Cat Music, Roton Music, Rappin' On Production, Media Pro Music, Quantum and many others.
From production
to digital film.
We make production scripts from documentary to fast-cut dramatic footage and collaborate with production companies across the country to direct interesting and high-quality films. From photo shoots to video production, our team works with you to achieve the innovation needed for your brand and the perfect marketing communications.
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